Friday, November 27, 2009

Keelung and Yehliu, a past memory

So now that I have left Taiwan, I actually miss it.
I miss the food (most importantly)! How good, how cheap!
The market stalls' food, especially the snow ice. Argh, can't them them anywhere else!
I also miss the easy of buying jeans that fit my size.
I miss the efficient health system they have. Both for medical and dental.

I miss the landscape, I miss the people. Looking back, I got great photos from Taiwan. Some even didn't have the chance to be uploaded here. I will, slowly.

First let's start with Keelung and Yehliu Geopark. You can drive, or take one of the tour buses. There are day long and 1/2 day long trips. It's quite cheap, 1000NT to go to both with a minibus shared around 10 people, and accompanied by an English speaking tourguide. Certainly worth the visit!

We went pass the Keelung harber and our first stop was the Jhongjheng Park (first photo here), then we proceed to Yehliu geopark to see the rock formations. Most famous one is the Queen's Head. It looks huge in the photos, but it actually quite tiny, probably only around 3m high. Pick a day where it's not so touristy, because otherwise you really have to line up around 15 minutes to take pictures with the queen only, and this is not good because you probably only have 30-40 minutes total at the park.

If you like landscape photography, definitely a must!