Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creativity and curiousity

In the everly increasing world of overvalued money, overvalued power, I am blessed to find glimpses of creativity and curiosity around me.

Of course, to survive in such a big city like Taipei (with the population of 10 million people in the metropolitan area), one does not have many choices but to be creative to survive.

These are a few that are appreciated. Only a few that was captured by the lens.

The first is a photo of kids. Kids, always curious and always easily mesmerized are wonderful reminders to appreciate creativity.

The 2nd picture is about a guy who make this glass like caramelized figures. This is the first time and only time I saw something like this. It definitely requires skills. I love the fact that he involved the kids to help the creation process by letting them blowing in to the caramelized tubes while he shape the heated sugar to various shapes.

The third and fourth pictures is showing a painter in process of painting a portrait picture of his selected random people from the crowd. He finished the entire picture in about 5 minutes. He was jumping, running like a mad fella while occasionally put a stroke or two down on the black canvas. When he finishes he always wipe out the canvases and draw a new one.

Ah creativity, I hope she never fails to visit us.